3 Bedroom Prefab Houses

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CBM’s 3 Bedroom Prefab Houses are a good option for residential living and we provide different sizes to meet your requirements. Also, the prices vary from different materials and we can do our best to match your budget.

Now we are going to show you 3 bedroom prefab houses designs:

NO.1   VH-009

No.2   VH-14273

No.3   VH-109735

No.4   VH006


VH006 Plan


No.5   VHF032


VHF032 Plan


No.6   VH15




No.7   VH22


VH22 Plan

No.8   VH03


VH33 Plan


Our 3 bedroom floor plans are perfect for small and large home extensions and new or custom projects. Versatile, functional and beautiful comes to mind when describing these homes. From inner city urban apartments or larger extensions, to coastal or country holiday home escapes, and even eco villages or retirement homes, we have a modular floor plan to suit or adapt to your every need.

  • Flexible Layouts
  • Customization and Hundreds of Available Options…Make it Your Own!

If you are not satisfied with these designs, please adviese us your requirements. Our engineers will make a perfect house solutions for you.

Also, contact us for the best price of the above designs.



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  1. Interesting floor plans. Google searched “shipping container homes” and found this website. I’ve seen a couple shows on HGTV that have really peaked a huge interest in building my future home in this fashion.

    • Hello Tara, thank you for your comment. Yes we can offer this kind of solution. Do you have the ready drawing which we can make the quotation for you? If you don’t have, you tell us how many rooms you want, then we can design for you.

      Best regard,


    Hi? Can you quote the price for a three bedroom prefabricated house? Final destination Kenya.

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