Best price on prefab house do you know?

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Four steps to make the best price on prefab house!

About the price on prefab house, there are four parts. Firstly is the cost of the steel and the process cost, secondly is the cost of the panel, thirdly is the decoration materials, fourthly is the cost of the electricity and plumbing  accessories.

Take the above house as an example,

Size: 9.7*9.7*3m
No. Item Specification Quantity
1 Pillar □100 tube 4.3tons
2 Ring beam □100 tube
3 Truss beam □80×40 tube+□60×30 tube
4 Roof purlin □80×40 tube
5 Roof panel 75mm EPS steel sandwich panel 130sqm
6 Roof Decoration Asphalt tile 130sqm
7 Wall Panel 75mm EPS steel sandwich panel 256.5sqm
8 Wall Decoration 15mm metal embossing insulation cladding 139.6sqm
9 Window PVC window 7set
10 Door Sliding door 2set
12 Total cost  23872.65usd
13 Unit cost 249.17usd/sqm total area: 95.81sqm


From the above table, we know the component of the cost, if we want to make the best price on prefab house, we can consider as below:

1. Rainfall capacity, the wind load and snow load of your place, we can use your local data to calculate if the steel frame is too strong? Can we less the quantity of the steel frame to less the cost? When we use the appropriate steel which can keep the house safe but not too big, then we can reach the best price on prefab house.

2. Roof decoration and wall decoration. If you can accept the wall and roof is plain, then we can delete the roof and wall decoration, then can less much price on prefab house 3 Like the house at the left, the roof panel is 75 mm corrugated steel sandwich panel without decoration tile, the exterior wall is 75 mm pure color steel sandwich panel with EPS insulation.Then even we keep the same design, same layout, then we can less the cost round 40%, then we can reach the best price on prefab house

Sometime we can use the door and window frame with the same color as the roof, then will make the house look more harmonious.

3.If you think the house is still expensive, you can not afford. Then you can consider to adjust the out shape of the house. If we keep the same layout, but change the shape to the simple outlook, then can save some steel frame, roof panel and wall panel, but the same floor plan, so that is not influence on the using. We can adjust the roof shape to simple two slope roof. Then we can reach the best price on prefab house


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