Building Maintenance

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building maintenance

Have you ever thought about building maintenance?

Buildings are large investments but few people make sense that their investment should be protected and taken good care of. Regardless of the type of buildings you have, what you should you performing maintenance regularly in order to keep it in shape. So there are lots of things to think about when it comes to building maintenance. Making some sort of maintenance is strongly recommended. For example,  commit to moping/sweeping/vacuuming the floor at least once per week. Possibly you will get bored with the maintenance, but not every task needs to be done that often. It is of great importance to have a written plan that you actually to stick to.

The roof of your building is extremely important.

It is suggested that you should pay more attention to your roof maintenance. Especially with older buildings, roof leaks are very common. About roof maintenance, you should inspect your roof at least once every few months, checking both the interior and exterior for holes/signs of excess moisture. What’s more, you should look for mold and any evidence of bugs and other pests. And to avoid gutter clogs,  cleaning out your gutters at least once per month, and more often in the fall.

Maintenance about business areas witha lot of foot traffic.

If your building is a business or a place with a lot of foot traffic, make sure everything is as clean as possible. This includes bathrooms and storefronts. For shoppers, cleanliness is quite significant especially when food is involved. Obviously clean surfaces are more important in restaurants and supermarkets, but regardless of the type of business, it is recommended that cleaning thoroughly about every 2 weeks, if not more often.

Maintenance to reduce the risk of termite, mold and some other damage.

In this part, we suggest a thorough inspection of your building foundation at least every 6 months.  If you don’t think you have the expertise to do this there are services that can help. But doing it by yourself is better because you can save some money on this. Look for any holes, small or large, or any bugs hanging around your foundation. Also look for signs of excess moisture in certain areas, and make sure there are no serious problems. Once you find any problem in your building, get them fixed as soon as possible. Waiting will only make things worse.

Paint once every few years.

Depending on the main material of your building (wood, metal, etc.), you may have to paint once every few years. You should regularly check for signs of peeling or other imperfections in the paint. Of course you shouldn’t re-paint your entire building just because of one small peeling area, but if more than 10% or so of your building is peeling badly, it may be time for some fresh paint.

Building maintenance is quite necessary.

Maintaining your facility buildings on a regular basis is smart business. In fact, it will increase the value of a facility, for the time when the owner is ready to sell. It is neither expensive nor time-consuming, but if you neglect it, it can be costly.

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