Sandwich Panel Container Housing


Product: Container House


Model No.: PH 59253


House size: 5.9m×2.53m×2.6m


Area: 14.93m2


PH 59253 Flat Pack Strength:

  1. Customized
  2. Knock down system, easy & quick installation
  3. Prefabricated in the factory, bolt connection on site
  4. Wind resistance and anti-seismic, thermal-insulation, sound-insulation, fire-proof
  5. Reused for several times
  6. Can be lifted or forklift

Flat packs usage

  1. Mining,construction site office,etc
  2. Temporary office, accommodation
  3. Labor camp


PH 59253 Floor Plan:

PH 59253 Floor Plan

PH 59253 Elevation


PH 59253 Specifications:

PH59253 specifications