DIY Steel Houses

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DIY Steel Houses

DIY or Do It Yourself is not a new concept nowadays. We can make many things by ourselves, for example, birthday cake, chocolate and home furniture. But have you ever heard about house DIY? Yes, you can DIY your steel houses and have a lot of fun and building freedom in the process.

DIY steel houses is self built by owners and offers a unique chance to construct a building solely according to personal preferences. DIY thoughts can be realized in construction using steel materials. Steel is a flexible alloy that can be engineered to any type of structure. DIY steel buildings are very much functional since the design is chosen by the user. DIY steel buildings include temporary shelters, garage, storage area, commercial buildings and retail buildings.

Now let’s know more about DIY Steel Houses.

DIY steel houses can be custom designed.

The builder can either personalize available patterns or design a new one. Plenty of patterns are available from web resources and manufacturer catalogues, to be modified according to individual needs. The customer has the privilege to add suggestions regarding size, shape, height, area and structure patterns. The colour of the panels can be chosen from the available pool. Accessories also can be included according to the client’s needs. The custom design pre-engineered steel frame system is available in ready-made DIY kits. The DIY kits also include all the necessary subsystems such as bolts and screws for the assembly of the steel building.

DIY steel houses incorporate arch models and straight roof models.

Rigid frame work models are also available. Arch models are easy to install and ergonomic. They integrate walls and roof to a single arch structure, and offer maximum space to occupy. Straight roof models give a traditional look to the structure. DIY steel structures require a strong foundation to be mounted on. According to the requirement of soil, the builder can construct base rail system or concrete slab for the foundation. The steel frame is then erected. The roof and wall panels are fastened with anchor bolts and screws.

DIY steel houses can satisfy all the requirements of the customer.

The buildings are also durable and weather resistant. DIY buildings are economical since labour cost can be avoided. Sophisticated tools are also unnecessary. DIY steel buildings can be assembled easily with simple tools within a short span of time. DIY steel kit manufacturers offer warranty for about 30 years.

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