Facts About Modular House

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What is a modular house?

A modular house is built and prefabricated indoors in a factory-like setting. Once the products are finished, they will be covered and transported to sites or locations where they will be assembled by builders. A modular home is not a mobile home; it is simply a home that is built off-site as opposed to on-site. These homes are often called factory-built homes, system-built  or pre-fab homes.

Facts About Modular House:

  • Modular houses appraise the same as their on-site built counterparts do. They do not depreciate in value.
  • Modular houses can be customized.
  • Most modular house companies have their own in-house engineering departments that utilize CAD (Computer Aided Design).
  • Modular house designs vary in style and size.
  • Modular construction can also be used for commercial applications including office buildings.
  • Modular houses are permanent structures – “real property.”
  • Modular houses can be built on the following on crawl spaces and basements.
  • Modular houses are considered a form of “Green Building.”
  • Modular houses are faster to build than a 100% site-built home.
  • Home loans for modular are the same as if buying a 100% site-built home.
  • Insuring your modular houses is the same as a 100% site-built home.
  • Taxes on a modular houses are the same as 100% site-built home.
  • Modular houses can be built to withstand 175 mph winds.
  • Modular houses can be built for accessible living and designed for future conveniences.




Do all Modular house look alike?

Contrary to popular misconception, modular houses do not all look alike. Modular houses have no design limitations. You can tell your construction ideas to the designers, then tgey will desigen the house according to your requirements. Or you can creat any modular style you wish in a computer system. You can add any style window or architectural detail that you desire.  Nearly all host plans can be turned into modular homes, and you can therefore create your “dream home.”

How is a modular home is assembled?

A factory-built home starts out as sections that have already been built in a climate controlled area. The finished sections are transported to the building site and then assembled with giant cranes. This process quite resembles a child building with Lego blocks. Modular homes cannot be moved after they have been placed and set on to their foundations.

It is important to talk to your manufacturer as each manufacturer operates with a different set of guidelines. If you are designing your own home, it is important that you ask very specific questions. Modular homes offer hundreds of personalized features that include but are not limited to: ceramic floors, solid surface countertops, various cabinet styles and wood species, exterior finishes, plumbing fixtures, etc. You can, essentially, customize your own home.


Are Modular house prices more or less expensive than those built on site?

Pre-fab homes can typically save you quite a bit of money. Because they are constructed in a factory and they can be built fairly quickly, a matter of weeks as opposed to months, which can be quite significant. The reason for this is that there are no extreme weather delays. Furthermore all inspections are performed at the factories during each phase of construction by a third party inspector, and are completed before the homes are transported to their new locations.

It is important to note, however, the more complex the design and specs, the more money your home will cost you. Other factors to consider such as electricity, plumbing, duct-work are often not factored into the initial pricing, so your final cost may be 20% more than what the builder is quoting you. You may need to install a septic system, install natural gas or a basement, these too will add to your bottom line.


What are the benefits to owning a modular home?

Modular homes can be more affordable. Their shorter build time will save you money on the overall construction. Home inspections are not needed as these are all done in factory. They are much more energy efficient, therefore your monthly expenses will be substantially less. Modular homes are environmentally friendly due to their efficiency. There are a great variety of homes from which to choose, there are many top architects that specialize in designing modular homes. As with any home, modular homes can be built on to and expanded.

Would you consider a modular home for yourself, or are you more of a traditionalist?


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