how to read structure drawings of fabricated house

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While building your  house ,it’s  necessary to read the structure drawings.

You are a nonprofessional in this area? No problem, we’ll help you figure it out.


To judge whether it’s brick masonry structure or frame structure from drawings,
it depends on the proportion of bearing wall and bearing pillar.
Two kinds of structures both contain bearing wall and bearing pillar.






On construction drawing

First look at the ground floor plan and it’s either frame structure or bottom frame structure if there are big rooms and a few halls and rooms of big width.



On house type

Buildings for public service such as supermarket and mall, are more likely frame structure house. Residence with more than 7 or 8 lifts is  basically frame structure building.



On standard floor plan

Frame structure : wide bays at bottom and upstair

Bottom frame structure: small upper rooms on low floor



On Structure Description

Information about structure and concrete grade is the description.C30 C40 concrete are used in frame structure.



On foundation drawing

1Brick masonry structure: large area of strip foundation, a few gz of blackeninged pillars

(sometimes it’s frame structure and this happens only in the case that upper loads is heavy and soil is pour but it costs a lot)


Frame structure: single column foundation, mat foundation

(pile foundation exists both in frame structure and brick masonry structure)



On the size of cylinders

frame structure or bottom frame structure: mostly pillar with cross section area more than 350mm

brick masonry structure: mostly GZ



On structure drawings



Two ends on wall: brick masonry structure

two ends on pillar: 1 brick masonry structure: mostly pillars of gz

2 frame structure :mostly pillars of 350mm cross-sectional area


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