Kenya Housing Solution

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Kenya Housing Solution

Kenya Housing Solution

Kenya Housing Solution

As our company has been exploring the house market in Kenya, now we are going to talk something about the latest market conditions in Kenya. It will prove that prefabricated houses are such good solutions to housing crisis in Kenya and they do play an important role in our life.

The prefab house craze in Kenya.

The high cost of housing in Kenya is slowly pushing home builders to embrace the use of prefabricated building technology, which promises to cut costs by up to 30%. This has prompted several local and international prefabricated house company to invest heavily in the provision of prefab houses to low and middle income Kenyans who are in dire need of affordable housing.

Good solutions to housing crisis.

Prefabricated houses in Kenya are commonly used as tempory shelter for construcion workers, but can they become a solution to Kenya’s housing shortage? No wonder that prefabricated house can be a good solution because it can save time and money.

EPS roof panel

EPS sandwich panel

EPS panel technology for prefabricated housing.

In Kenya, EPS has been applied to prefabricated housing to help solve the housing crisis in the country by lowering costs while reducing construction time-lines.Cost benefits accrued from using EPS panels include reduced costs as construction time is reduced by 50%. Lower transport costs and lower wastage of materials since leftover panels can be recycled.

The EPS technology involves building of houses by assembling ready-made EPS foam, sandwiched between a galvanised steel wire mesh that is plastered on both sides with concrete. Take a standard two- bedroom house for example, the house measures about 100 square meters and it requires about 70 panels each weighing 15 kilogrammes, which means an entire house can be carried in a single lorry load.

Short period to construct a house.

Prefabs are attracting a growing number of home-owners not only due to their affordability, but also because they are built within a shorter period. All components can be prefabricated in workshop or factory, and then be delivered to the construction site to finish the installation. In fact, a three-bedroom house can be built within a week.

Prefab house market condition in Kenya.

The shift towards the use of prefabricated technology is good for Kenya, a country whose demand for housing currently stands at over 200000 units against a supply of just 40000 units annually. But Kenyans tend to think that if it is not stone then it is not good for building. However, with strategic marketing – particularly assuring Kenyans that prefabs are secure – the technology will soon take off in the country as more builders seek to dodge the rising construction costs.

CBM not only provides prefabricated houing solutions, but also sandwich panels. If you are interested in our products, please be free to contact us.

Also, we have established our subsidiary company in Kenya. If you are Kenyans and want to buy our products in Kenya, you can contact us for more info.

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  3. ST Makhetha

    Interested in a house with 3 bedrooms, dining room, sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and a garage. Can you email me examples of such houses and the selling price. I am in South Africa.


    Interested in a house with 3 bedrooms, dining room, sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and a garage. Can you email me examples of such houses and the selling price. I live in Kenya

    • Hello Tom, we can do it, i will send you one design with the quotation.

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