live better in container homes.

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Why container house is better?

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container homes

Container house,also known as Container prefabricated houses,is a simply constructed  residence mainly made of container materials.



It barely has difference with normal house after owner puts bed,sofa,appliance, other furnish in it and provide you a concise placement which can make you feel comfortable to live in.


container homes


It costs not much money and time to build a container house owing to its material and structure,which is is environmentally-friendly and simple.

container homes

container homes

Container house has a stable structure—- good material ductility and its structure bring good seismic resistance ,wind-resistance.

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      It’s so easy to transport and assemble that you can remove it and combine different sections as you like.

container homes


container homes


                        Based on the Standard steel chassis, Mobile homes can be combined in different ways.


container homes            The extended container housescontainer homes

After easy installation, the service life of Container house can be up to 20 years long with its high quality.



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