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Mobile offices are pre-manufactured portable buildings that provide temporary office space for your residential or commercial needs.

What are mobile offices?

Similar to modular buildings, mobile offices are assembled in a controlled environment and delivered to a specific location. Local mobile office suppliers generally keep an inventory of mobile office trailers on hand. This makes them available with a quick turnaround. If you need a work space in a hurry for a temporary period of time, a mobile office is a practical and affordable solution.

Who uses mobile offices?

Mobile offices are designed with flexibility in mind. They are an excellent solution to anyone’s temporary office space needs. This makes them popular among a wide range of industries which includes, but is not limited, to the following:

1. Administrative, Institutional & Government.

2. Constuction, Energy & Power Plant.

3. Medical, Health Care & Dental.

4. Education, Religious, Fiancial & Banking.

Why use mobile offices?


A mobile office can be set up just about anywhere as long as there is a sufficient amount of space. There isn’t a lot of site prep required before delivery, as long as the land is level and not prone to flooding. Upon delivery, the office may be mounted on cinder blocks to stabilize and level the structure.


If you need a temporary workspace, leasing a mobile office is an affordable solution. Unlike a permanent build, a mobile office is ready to go as soon as it is delivered. This can reduce your cost as much as 30% compared to a traditional build, which is usually a much longer process.


Because the office is portable, it can be brought to you for the time you need it and then hauled away once you are finished with it. You can customize the layout and features of your mobile office to best meet the needs of your business.

CBM Mobile Offices Designs

PH1230-01 Layout


PH10433-01 layout

Mobile Offices

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Our readily accessible mobile office space solutions keep your business operations on track and running smoothly. Whether your jobsite needs office trailers for new construction, your residential housing complex needs an attractive sales office or you simply need on-site restroom facilities, look to us for the innovative and economical solution – we bring you the widest range of mobile office solutions in the industry

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  1. Hills Mothibi

    I need a two roomed office container for internet café and small office.PLease quote for me a lease price per month or purchase price.I am located 90km away from Mafikeng in the Mafikeng-vryburg road.

    Please mail me the quataton.

    • Hi Hills Mothibi, we can not lease at the month, but we can sell, we will contact with you soon

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