Modular House Construction FAQs

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With the rapid development of our science and technology, more and more people prefer prefabricated modular house rather than conventional concrete building. But how much do you know about modular house? Now we are pleased to present some modular house construction FAQs and show you more ideas about choosing a modular house.

1. How is modular building different from conventional building?

The structure is built in fairly complete sections that can be shipped by truck to you building site. Maximum widths of the modules range from 14 to16 feet wide and maximum lengths range from 64 to 75 feet depending on State regulations. Many other building technologies are incorporated into the roof systems.

2. What are the benefits of modular building over conventional stick building?

Modular buildings have better precision building and better quality control when built in a factory. Materials are out of the natural elements. Building material theft is reduced as much of the structure comes complete.

3. Is modular building less expensive than conventional concrete building?

Of course Yes!  Generally speaking, about 10 to 20 % less expensive and in time, this will only get better.

4. Is modular building much faster than conventional stick building?

Yes! It is quite a surprise that most homes can be built in less than 3 to 5 days at the factory.  It could take 30 to 45 days to be scheduled to built based on factory backlog. During this time, the site can be prepared by the Builder to receive the modules. Once the modules are ‘set’ on site, the builder will be able to complete the project.

5. How long does a modular home take to build?

Total construction time can be as little as two to three months.

Conventional building could take as much as 9 to 12 months.

6. Critics say the modular homes look boring and unattractive. Is that true?

Not exactly. The designs of modular house could be customized by buyers.

Now the fact is the business model for factory built housing was simple basic housing for only the price conscious customers and  most factories do not employ professional architects for in house design services. But don’t forget that customers are always the Gods and they should be always put into the first place. So we can design our house according to our ideas and requirements.

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7. Is the quality better in modular building than stick building?

Yes. Modules are built more precisely with machine tools in a factory environment. Gypsum board panels are foam bonded and screw fastened to wall and ceiling framing. The use of oversized gypsum board panels avoids butt end seams common in site building. The modules are over-designed structurally to withstand the rigors of shipping. Redundant structural systems provide reduced sound transmission between floors and yield a superior product.

8. What role does the architect play in the design of modular homes?

Architects that understand the parameters of modular building system technology are capable of creating almost any style of architecture or size home. In certain cases we use a hybrid of modular technologies combining stick-built and panelized construction to achieve the required high end look.

9. Can a modular home be custom designed?

Yes. In this case however, the use of an architect is critical. We can create professional plans and layouts specific to your requirements. We will develop a look that is stylistically correct creating the greatest resale value possible.

10. What styles of architecture can be created?

Virtually all styles. Colonial, Victorian, Contemporary, Mediterranean, Avant garde Contemporary, Dutch colonial, Georgian, Shingle style and any other style desired.

11. What is the customers’ first step in building a modular home?

You should start with a design. Consider selecting a home from our collection or have a home custom designed by a design professional. We are a fully licensed architectural firm available for this service. Once you have a design, a qualified builder/dealer should be contacted to prepare an accurate construction cost estimate. Contact the factories in your area and ask them for a listing of builders for you to consider.

12. How do I buy a modular home?

If you like one of the stock designs from our “Cutler Series”, you may purchase the plans directly from our web site. Next, provide your builder a set of plans so they can prepare an accurate construction cost estimate. Your Builder will submit our plans to the factory for pricing. After you sign a contract with your Builder, he or she will process you home through the factory and purchase the modules on your behalf.

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