Product introduction:

Portable house is a kind of house that can be flexibly designed based on customer’s project requirements. This kind of house is with better looking and with high strength for different weather conditions.

The building system of the portable house is very smart. One module is one panel, it is 0.95 meter, then the width and length can be the multiple of 1.15 meter. The width of the window and door also can be the multiple of 1.15 meter. If the dimension of the modular house doesn’t follow the module, then we have to cut the wall panel.

About CBM portable house, we have the following models for your reference.

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1. Pretty appearance: The house can be designed in irregular shape which makes the house look more beautiful.

2. Flexible design: It can be personalized according to customer demand.

3. Economic transportation:Small components in standard size ensure the house loaded more in 40HQ to save the transport cost.

4. Easy installation: All components are connected by rivet and self-tapping screw, no welding and large hoisting equipment needed.

5. Equipped with steel base: no need to make cement foundation, easy and convenient to install.

6. High prefabrication: in case of the width of windows or doors is less than 1 meter, they can be installed into the wall panel in the factory in advance.


The column nomally is square tube and the distance of two column normally is 4 times of 1.5 meters. But we will adjust the location of the column to follow the partition wall sometimes. And we will use the C chanel fix on the floor and hold the panel. All the panel cover the steel column.

The foof will use the steel corrugated sandwich panel. The roof panel will be fixed above the peulins by tapping screws. If the roof is single or double slope, then there is no need to cut the panel. If it is of other shape, then we have to cut it to make the shape.

Reference interior view:

CBM Portable House 9833-01

CBM Portable House Inside View 01

CBM Portable House Inside View 02

CBM Portable House Inside View 03


Portable house is widely use as below,

  • Temporary construction houses, labor camp and disaster relief housing;
  • Granny flat and outbuilding.
  • Accommodation for field work as the road, railway, building, etc.
  • Temporary offices, conference rooms, headquarters, lodging house, store, schools, hospitals, parking area, exhibition gallery, power distribution room.
  • Temporary laboratory, maintenance, service station;
  • Hotel and vacation house etc.

australia 3






Freely Customised

If you have your specific requirements for your house, please let us know. Our design team will off you a better house solution for your reference.


laoding 01

loading 02

loading 03

Economic transportation:Small components in standard size ensure the house loaded more in 40HQ.


CBM can provide electrical & pipe lines, kitchen wares, sanitary fittings if required.


If you are interested in our portable house or for more info about our products, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will return to you as soon as possible!

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