The Application of Antigua prefabricated house building – Papua New Guinea Hotel

Antigua prefabricated house buildingThe Antigua prefabricated house building is one kind of prefab building system which will suit in an island which is high wind and moist. This project is a hotel project in Papua New Guinea, it is the application of Antigua prefabricated house building system.

Papua New Guinea with the area of 462,840 km2, and it lies between latitudes 0°and 12°S,and longitudes 140° and 160°E. The country’s geography is diverse and some places extremely rugged. And a populous highlands region mostly covered with tropical Rain Forest. So the weather in PNG is moist and hot. And the country is on the Pacific Ring of Fire, that means earthquakes are relatively common, sometimes accompanied by tsunamis.

So when design the hotel, we consider to use the cement sandwich panel to anti moist and add the anti-mosquito screens on the window. Because of the common earthquakes, we design seismic intensity of 9 degrees. It is the two levels hotel, so the flooring of the first floor is very important. If there is any shake, it will affect residents feel. So we use the steel deck to fix on the floor purlin, and put the cement on top of the deck to make the concrete flat. Then there will be no any shake and like the traditional concrete building. And the noise insulation between each room also very important for the hotel. So we add the rock wool insulation into the middle of the cement composite board to anti the noise. Sound Proof of rock wool is confirming ISO 717/82 & UNI18270/7 standards.


  • Name: antigua prefabricated house building
  • Location: Papua New Guinea
  • Materials: Steel frame and cement composite board
  • Quantity: 4 sets
  • Website: