Container house Australia – Australia project

Container house Australia is a project that serves as a laboratory for chemical study. Because of its special requirements, the container house should be of great safety.

Container house Australia features:

Reliable Structure: The light steel and the flexible structure are more reliable and safer, which can make it to meet the design criteria based on the construction requirements.

Eco-Friendly: Designed to suit stringent weather conditions and yet produce less debris when dismantled.

Assembly & Dismantling: Modular design can be assembled and dismantled with simple tools and multiple times.

Easy & Quick installation: One unit of 18sqm granny flat can be built up in four hours by two labors.

Standard technical datas: Wind load 100km/h, floor load 150kg/sq., roof load 30kg/sq., anti-seismic 7 degree.


  • Name: Container house Australia
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Quantity: 5 sets