Detail Materials information for CBM Container House in Pakistan:

Structure Painted or galvanized light steel frame
Roof Panel Sandwich panels with EPS, PU, Rockwool ,MGO or XPS
External Wall Panel Sandwich panels with EPS, PU, Rockwool ,MGO or XPS
Internal Partition Sandwich panels with EPS, PU, Rockwool ,MGO or XPS
Door Pre-painted Sandwich panel door
Window PVC or Aluminum sliding window with single or double glass
Ceiling PVC ceiling


CBM Container House Application:
√ Residence
√ Tourist and holiday house
√ Family house
√ Government residential project
√ Real estate development project
√ Constructions for other purpose

1.Due to the fixed size, the container house is easy to design the layout based on the function and capable of mass production.
2. Flexible combination: the container house can be linked freely at length, width and height through the linking kits for bigger structure and different layout.
3. High integration: all the structural components are standard and prefabricated in factory with the advantages of assembling and disassambling easily.
4. Flat package: the standard house can be packed in one package, including roof structure, floor, wall panel, doors, windows and interior decoration.
5. Bodily movement: the forklift pockets on the cabin structure enables forklift capability and the corner casting structure enables lifting capacity.