Indonesia Prefabricated House – Application Of the Office Building

Indonesia prefabricated house normally use the K house or T house system. These systems are very convenience, fast and effective. All the steel frame is prefabricated in our factory, only need to use the bolt and screw to connect them. All the wall panels are pre-cutted, that means no much cutting job will cause on site. The prefabricated rate can reach 80%.

Lying along the equator, Indonesia has a tropical climate, with two distinct monsoonal wet and dry seasons. Average annual rainfall in the lowlands varies from 1,780–3,175 millimeters (70.1–125.0 inches), and up to 6,100 millimeters (240 inches) in mountainous regions. Mountainous areas – particularly in the west coast of Sumatra, West Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua – receive the highest rainfall. Humidity is generally high, averaging about 80%. Temperatures vary little throughout the year; the average daily temperature range of Jakarta is 26–30 °C. So all Indonesia prefabricated house project should consider resisting moist.

Even the weather is very wet in Indonesia, but our indonesia prefabricated house project is inside the warehouse, so what we focus on is the noise insulation. And we choose the rock wool sandwich panel for the wall and roof for soundproof. Sound Proof: confirming ISO 717/82 & UNI18270/7 standards.