portable container house – Abu dhabi

Project introduction:

It is a construction project we started in 2009. The projects aimed to provide some more living areas for the surrounding workers. When the worker team finished the programs there, they would move to somewhere for another. So the portable container house should be the best choice for their career and living.

Portable container house advantages:

Assembly & Dismantling: Modular design can be assembled and dismantled with simple tools and multiple times.

Easy & Quick installation: One unit of 18sqm granny flat can be built up in four hours by two labors.

Long service life: All the light steel construction has been painted or galvanized; it is highly resistant to corrosiveness. Could be used 10~15 years.

All the components of granny flat are modular manufactured in the factory. No need to cut or weld on site.

No need of concrete floor, only flat ground will be ok for portable house. As it has steel chassis, safe solid floor.

Portable container house applications:

Temporary or long time Residence
Tourist and holiday house
Family house
Government residential project
Real estate development project
Constructions for other purpose