portable home western Australia – Australia project

Portable home Western Australia introduction:

This is our portable home of western style and its model is PH9833-01.

The photos in the banner were taken in a portable home project in Australia.


1. Pretty appearance: The house can be designed in irregular shape which makes the house look more beautiful.

2. Flexible design: It can be personalized according to customer demand.

3. Economic transportation:Small components in standard size ensure the house loaded more in 40HQ to save the transport cost.

4. Easy installation: All components are connected by rivet and self-tapping screw, no welding and large hoisting equipment needed.


Portable house is widely use as below,

  • Temporary construction houses, labor camp and disaster relief housing;
  • Accommodation for field work as the road, railway, building, etc.
  • Temporary offices, conference rooms, headquarters, lodging house, store, schools, hospitals, parking area, exhibition gallery, power distribution room.
  • Temporary laboratory, maintenance, service station;
  • Hotel and vacation house etc.

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