Portable Homes – The Easiest House In Paraguay

Portable house is one kind simple and easy house, which is simple and fast during the building process, and even very convenient when you want to change the location. The project is in Paraguay, it is the office in the mining site.

The climate in Paraguay is tropical to subtropical. There are only two periods in this country, the wet and dry season. Winds play a major role in Paraguay. The absence of mountain ranges to provide a natural barrier allows wind to develop speeds as high as 161 km/h (100 mph). The Temperature is from freezing to 30 degrees. January is the hottest summer month, with an average daily temperature about 28.9 degrees Celsius (84 degrees F), and April and September something will drop below freezing.

In this project, our engineer have to consider resisting winds. So we suggest to make the short building with the strong steel frame, such as the portable house. The portable house has a steel chassis, it can hold the house not touch the floor to resist the moist. And the wall and roof panel we choose the polystyrene (EPS) steel sandwich panel, it is very light and economic. And also with the performance of heat insulation, the thermal conductivity: 0.032kcal/m.


  • Name: Portable house
  • Location: Paraguay
  • Materials: Steel frame and polystyrene (EPS) steel sandwich panel
  • Application: office in the minning site.
  • Website: http://www.cbmprefabricatedhouse.com