portable house thailand – Thailand project

Portable house is normally used in the construction site, mining field, or as the public facilities This project is located in Thailand it is used as the office in the construction site.

Thailand has a tropical airtime climate which is hot and humid. And there is a monsoon from May to October. Temperatures range is from 21 °C to 32 °C. And there are many typhoons in Thailand.

When our engineer design the portable house, what we focus on is wind resistance. To settle this problem, on one hand we enlarge the C channel steel frame; on another hand we add the wind resistance bar on the the roof. This bar can stop the roof panel blow up. And the wall panel we consider to use the polystyrene sandwich panel which is economic and heat resist.

Material details:

Structure Painted or galvanized light steel frame
Roof Panel Sandwich panels with EPS, PU, Rockwool ,MGO or XPS
External Wall Panel Sandwich panels with EPS, PU, Rockwool ,MGO or XPS
Internal Partition Sandwich panels with EPS, PU, Rockwool ,MGO or XPS
Door Pre-painted Sandwich panel door
Window PVC or Aluminum sliding window with single or double glass
Ceiling PVC ceiling


CBM Portable House Application:
√ Residence
√ Tourist and holiday house
√ Family house
√ Government residential project
√ Real estate development project
√ Constructions for other purpose