prefab buildings Singapore – Singapore project

Prefab buildings Singapore introduction:

It is a prefab buildings supported by a local real estate developer. It is used as temporary living houses for construction workers.

Why prefab buildings are popular in temporary living?

Because prefabricated housing system is very convenient, fast and effective. Above all, prefabricated houses can be used for many times and transported to new construction sites quickly.

Prefab buildings Singapore advantage:

  • Reliable Structure
  • Water proof
  • Weather proof
  • Heat insulation and preservation characterstics.
  • Fire proof
  • Elegant outlook
  • Architectural effect.
  • Convenient for transportation.
  • Multi assemble / Dis-Mantle type.

Common applications

  • Labor camp, temporary accommodation house in construction site;
  • Temporary dormitory, office, meeting room, school, hospital, canteen;
  • Temporary shop, parking area, exhibition hall, storage;
  • Temporary maintenance and service station etc;

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