prefab house affordable- Lybia project

Prefab house affordable house project normally handle by the government, which offer the houses to the poor people.This project is in Libya, one of the north Africa country. After the war, there are many homeless people, the government in Libya want to settle the living problem for these people. This project like a small village, it has about 200 sets of houses.

Libya is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa.Natural hazards come in the form of hot, dry, dust-laden sirocco. This is a southern wind blowing from one to four days in spring and autumn. There are also dust storms and sandstorms. Oases can also be found scattered throughout Libya, the most important of which are Ghadames and Kufra.. Libya is one of the sunniest and driest countries in the world due to prevailing presence of desert environment. In this place, the government make the prefab house affordable for the homeless people.

The important point of this project heat insulation. As mention above, Libya is a hot country, so our engineer choose the Polyurethane(PU) sandwich panels as the wall and roof panel, which with Heat resistance is入=0.0175Kcal/m.h.oc. About the layout, we make the front gate and the black gate which both with a porch. The front gate is in the living room, and the black gate is in the kitchen. Prefab housing always is the good solution for the Prefab house affordable project.