prefab house South Africa – classroom project

Prefab house South Africa introduction:

Prefab house South Africa is a project about the school classroom in the village and it is supported by the local government. The project includes 8 prefabricated house units and it can offer better conditions and environment for the local children to study.

Project advantages:

Prefabricated houses South Africa is very popular. Because prefabricated housing system is very convenient, fast and effective. All the steel frame is prefabricated in our factory, only need to use the bolt and screw to connect them. All the wall panels are pre-cut, then means no much cutting job will cause on site. The prefabricated rate can reach 80%.

Project materials:

Compoment Name Material
Ground Beam 8#C section steel
Pillar Double 8#C section steel
“-” shape beam Truss 8# mix with 5#
A shape beam Truss 8# mix with 5#
Exterior wall panel 50MM EPS steel sandwich panel
Interior wall panel 50MM EPS steel sandwich panel
Roof panel 50MM EPS corrugated sandwich panel
window PVC sliding window
door Steel composite door


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