Prefabricated House Building – Project in Papua New Guinea

Prefabricated house building system can use in many real estate project. The project is about estate in Papua New Papua. Papua New Guinea is the country with area of 462,840 km2, and PNG lies between latitudes 0°and 12°S,and longitudes 140° and 160°E. PNG’s geography is diverse and some places extremely rugged. And most of the place covered with tropical Rain Forest. So the weather in PNG is moist and hot. And the country is on the Pacific Ring of Fire, that means earthquakes are relatively common, sometimes accompanied by tsunamis.

The project is in Papua New Guinea, it is a project about real estate. The client is a builder, his business is building the house and sell out to earn the profit. Before he built the traditional concrete house, but very high cost and waste time. Because PNG doesn’t produce any kind of building materials, and they need to import all materials from Austrailia. And our engineer suggest he to use the prefabricated house building. The materials are very light, each piece is around 20kg. And high prefabricated rate. That means all steel frame no need to cut and weld, the labor can connect piece with piece by bolt very easy. And all the wall and roof panel are pre-cut, the labor no need to do any cutting job on site. The window hole and door hole are prefabricated. In one word, the prefabricated rate reach 80%. Because of the common earthquakes, we design seismic intensity of 9 degrees. If you are dealing with the real estate business, you can consider the prefabricated house building.

  • Name: Prefabricated house building
  • Location: Papua New Guinea
  • Materials: Steel frame and polystyrene (EPS) sandwich panel
  • Application: Real estate
  • Website: