Angola Project- The application of

the Prefabricated House Kits

This prefabricated house kits can be designed flexibly, we can adjust the size and layout as the project requirement.

Prefabricated house kits Angola project is using the cement composite board as the wall panel. This panel with the outside skin of the cement board, and the insulation is mix with cement foam and polystyrene. And the steel frame will hire in the wall panel. So the life span of this prefabricated house kits can last longer. And also can be use near the sea. If you still worry, you can make the steel frame with the galvanize finish then it will be perfect.

There are three seasons in Angola, from May to October is a dry season. From November to January is a transitional season which with some rain and hot. Rainy season is from February to April which is the wettest month. Angola’s average temperature on the coast is 16 °C in the winter and 21 °C in the summer, but it will go hotter and dryer while go interior.

Our project is near the coast so we use the cement composite sandwich panel as the wall panel and the SIP board as the roof panel to resist corrosion. And Angola just over the war, and the public security is so so, and the client require us the consider the security. And the cement composite board is the strongest wall panel, and we use the aluminium alloy window with the security bar to avoid the thief.