This is a prefabricated house project in Philippines. The three-storey high house is used as as the office in the construction site. Now, prefab office are normally used in construction site, mining field, or as the public facilities.

When our engineers designed this prefab house, many factors should be considered to guarantee the house safety. And the most important one is the local climate.

The Philippines has a tropical airtime climate which is hot and humid. Temperatures range is from 21 °C to 32 °C. And there are many typhoons in Philippines, some time will have the tsunami.

So the wind resistance comes into the first place. To settle this problem, on one hand we enlarge the C channel steel frame; on the other hand, we add the wind resistance bar on the the roof. This bar can stop the roof panel blow up.

Hope you can get some ideas in choosing prefabricated houses as your office or some other facllities.