prefabricated house Singapore- Singapore project

Prefabricated house Singapore is a site camp project in Singapore and it is a project about real estate. Our client is a local construction manufacture and his business is building the house and sell out to the local people to earn the margin profit. With the rapid development civilization in Singapore, people are getting to focus on environment protection and saving.

So our client begins to think about another environment-friendly way to build his house, rather than the traditional concrete house.  And our engineer suggest he use the prefabricated house building. The materials are very light, each piece is around 20kg. And high prefabricated rate. That means all steel frame no need to cut and weld, the labor can connect piece with piece by bolt very easy. And all the wall and roof panel are pre-cut, the labor no need to do any cutting job on site.

Prefabricated house applications:

  1. Temporary construction
  2. Labour camp
  3. Temporary office
  4. Low cost housing project

What about your idea?