Prefabricated Houses Qatar –  Labor Camp Project

Prefabricated houses Qatar project is the labor camp which is the dormitories for the labors working on site. Qatar lies between latitudes 24° and 27° N, and longitudes 50° and 52° E. Most of the country consists of a low, barren plain, covered with sand. The weather is hot all year, the temperature can reach 45°c in Aug. So the prefabricated houses Qatar should be the one with better performance of heat resist. So we use the Polyurethane(PU) sandwich panels as the wall and roof panel. Heat resistance of Polyurethane(PU) sandwich panels is 入=0.0175Kcal/m.h.oc.
Qatar is a countries full of oil and nature gas. And we also did many kinds of Qatar project before, if the prefabricated houses are use in the construction field, then we can use the Polyurethane(PU) sandwich panels. If the houses are use in the oil or nature gas field, then we have to use the rock wool sandwich panel on the wall and roof for fireproof purpose.

This project is the construction site labor camp, the prefabricated house is 5060 square meters. The project has about 3000 square meters of accommodation and about 2000 square meters are the office. If you are going to invest a real estate, oil field or gas field, please consider this kind prefabricated houses Qatar.