tiny portable houses –¬†Botswana project

The tiny portable houses are a project we exported to Botswana, Our portable container houses are quite popular in the local because of the following factors:

  1. beautiful outlook
  2. good quality with a reasonable price
  3. quick and easy to install because all the components are made in advance in the factory.
  4. long working time: about 10-15 years
  5. eco-Friendly: Designed to suit stringent weather conditions and yet produce less debris when dismantled.
  6. bodily movement: the forklift pockets on the cabin structure enables forklift capability and the corner casting structure enables lifting capability.

The tiny portable houses in Botswana are specially designed by our engineers because of the hot climate there.

We will offer our a good house solution according to different project requirments from our customers.

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