Prefab House in Kenya

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Prefab House in Kenya

Prefab House in Kenya.

Kenyan homes are among Africa’s most expensive, according to a recent report by UK-based Global Property Guide – a research firm that sells data to investors in residential property.

According to analysts, the high cost of Kenya homes have been occasioned by high cost of building materials, under-developed infrastructure and stringent regulatory requirements that greatly increase the cost of construction. And builders in Kenya are seeking modern construction technologies that can be harnessed to meet the rising demand for low cost housing in Kenya.

So no doubt that prefab house in Kenya is one of the best solutions and you could easily build an exquisite and affordable home or develop a property for sale in Kenya, in less than a fortnight. You could easily drop and assemble a modular home in just a few days, thanks to prefabrication technology compared with a challenging months-long schedule for a traditional mortar and brick home.

Prefabrication basically refers to the design and manufacture of units or modules, usually in a controlled environment remote from the work site and the installation and permanent assembly at the site. Prefabricated homes commonly referred to as prefab or modular homes mainly use the expanded Polystyrene (EPS) technology and more recently in Kenya, precast cement wall panels.

The materials can either be pre-assembled or completely assembled away from the site. This is how it can be distinguished from the traditional brick and mortar building practice that involves transportation of all the building materials like timber, brick and cement for construction at the site. In prefabrication, only the foundation is made this way. If most Kenyans welcome this gesture then housing rates might reduce tremendously

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Since most of the work is done at the factory, construction ceases to become such a headache. It speeds up construction time and saves on labor costs and is much more convenient compared to the conventional method that usually takes months if not years to complete. A lot of the problems associated with construction are therefore eliminated and one can be guaranteed of quality control, worker safety and reduction of construction waste. Such technology can be used to make affordable houses for sale in Kenya, enabling the ordinary Kenyan to own a house.

Prefabrication technology is certainly not new and has been in use for centuries. One notable structure is the Sweet Track (England) built in 3800BC. It is the world’s oldest known roadway which used pre-assembled timber. However in Kenya, people are reluctant to embrace prefab housing because of a misconception. Many Kenyans assume that prefab housing may not be durable since it is cheaper and takes a shorter time to construct.

The biggest challenge to prefab housing is the cost of transporting a prefabricated building and heavy-duty cranes from the factory to the construction site. This could cause quite a dent in the budget of those wishing to build their own prefab home.

Prefab housing technology in Kenya may not really be time and cost effective. The challenge is finding the right technology for your project as well as skilled labor to pull it off. If they are learning on the job then might take just as much time as the traditional method.

At a time when the demand of housing in Kenya is at 200,000 units annually at a supply of only 40,000 units, this may be the lasting solution to the biting shortage experienced in affordable housing in Kenya today.

Prefab house in Kenya is more and more popular and builders in Kenya also try their best to learn other new technologies that could help lower construction costs.

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  1. Hello, do you have floor plans?
    if yes the send some sample out of them

  2. We are looking for A prefabricated Houses to be used by our site staff. Atleast accommodating three Beds of 1220mmx1828mm.
    Kindly advise us on the availability and the specification, Materials. We intent to have the Units stuffed in the 20TEU Container.
    Your urgent assistance is highly appreciated
    Replies on the above Email (

  3. We are seeking for the prefabricated houses for the housing three beds of1220mmx1828mm.
    Kindly advise us on the availability and the specification, Materials. We intent to have the Units stuffed in the 20TEU Container.
    Your urgent assistance is highly appreciated

  4. Irene Wachira

    Am seeking for prefabricated rooms for a school…with the office, kitchen, store and a library.I am starting a nursery and I would be glad to know the specifications and materials.

  5. I need prefabricated shops with office, store, toilets. Please tell me if u hv undertaken similar project in kenya. What material you will use and estimated cost implications if all these would occupy say 600m2

    • Hello Linda,

      Yes we can do it, will send you proposal soon
      Best regard,

  6. jane waiganjo

    Hi am looking forward to build a 3 floor flat,how can u help me and wat materials will I use apart from the prefabricated materials? am planning t build a 2 bedroom

    • do you have the ready drawing? If you have we can quote for your drawing. We have several materials on option

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