30 story prefabricated building build in 15 days – prefabricated houses in China

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On 17th March, there was a 57-story high prefabricated building suddenly appearing in Changsha, southeast China.The main structure of the prefabricated building is the steel structure, and all the materials are prefabricated in the factory. Meanwhile,  the prefabricated rate reach 93%.

This buildings was erected by 1200 labors in 19 days and nights. Except the day with the extreme weather, the actual working time is only 12 days. The prefabricated building was fully built with energy-efficient and factory-produced blocks at the speed of three stories a day. And this prefabricated building can anti M 9 earthquake.

The prefabricated building covers 180,000 square meters and has office space for 4,000 people and 800 households. The manufacture claims that the building is eco-conscious as the use of t prefabricated blocks.  It could also reduce the use of concrete by 15,000 trucks and almost no dust was released.

With the rapid development of  our economy and population, the environmental pollution is of more and more concern. As a result, the environmental-friendly building technology should be applied to our daily life, for example, prefabricated buildings and blocks.

The prefabricated buildings can reduce the use of concrete and almost do not release any dust to the surroundings. We can imagine a new world that the prefabricated buildings would be more and more popular and the air around us would be cleaner than the present.


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