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Prefabricated house designs, spring prefabricated house series!

Below is our new prefabricated house designs, spring prefabricated house series. The idea is from the vibrant spring, all things grow prosperous. The wall and roof color original come from the plants in spring.

prefabricated house designs (3)

prefabricated house designs (2)

prefabricated house designs (1)

Above is series one, all are one and a half floors. The roof is  layered, half is high, another half is low. And there are

prefabricated house designsalso a big porch before the gate. All these three items are the same floor plan like the one on the left. The ground floor is the living room and dining room, one kitchen, one publish toilet and one suit. And there are two suits on the first floor. Total is about 150 square meter. But we can adjust the dimension if you want. What we put the kitchen near the toilet, and two toilets put together on the top of the kitchen and toilet on the ground floor, is considering the plumbing and the septic-tank for the toilet. And you can see that the stair take some places. If you use a prefab art stair, that will save much space, then the using area of the house will increase. How do you think of?

Spring Series Two, double floors house.

prefabricated house designs (4)

prefabricated house designs

prefabricated house designs (5)

Above is series two, all are two levels house. As the series one, we use the same layout and size, but make the three items with different appearance. The first one we refer the hemingway style, but we change the archy window into the square window. What we do that is considering the producing and installation of the prefabricated house. The second one we use the orange pitch roof, which is full of juice. The third one is use the dark red wall of the ground floor, but light grey wall of the first floor. Do you think the idea is from the flower and leaf in the spring! Hope you can enjoy the prefabricated house design!

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  2. Great look,am interested in high standard five star finishing 2 level home

  3. Steven Sepo

    Can you provide me the floor plans for ‘Spring prefabricated house series’?

  4. I lime yo know the prices for a House with two Floors for a land in the beach

    • Yes, we can do it. But our products are the custmize products, we need to design for you then quote the price.

  5. Elijah Gakomo

    Lovely work.

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