prefabricated house walls

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Prefabricated house walls will be different up to different kind of house system. CBM’s prefab house system use the steel frame as the stress framework, and the wall panels are the non-structural panel. That means we need to calculate the bearing capacity of the frame but not the panel. What we focus on the wall panel is the leak-proof, heat insulation, waterproof.We can use many kind of prefabricated house walls,such as the steel sandwich panel, MGO(magnesium oxide)panel, cement sandwich panel. According to different insulation, the steel sandwich include the EPS(polystyrene) sandwich panel, PU(polyurethane) sandwich panel, Rock wool sandwich panel.Different prefabricated house walls with different feature:EPS sandwich panel
Steel sandwich panel, structure is color steel- insulation-color steel, color steel thickness of 0.286~0.6 mm, the density of the insulation is various, EPS from 10 kg/m3 to 20 kg/m3, PU is 35 kg/m3, rock wool is 100kg/m3 . The normal thickness of the panel is 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm. According to the shape, steel sandwich panel can use as the wall and roof, both sides of the prefabricated house walls is flat or with the shallow pattern, the bottom side of the roof panel is flat, the top side is corrugated. The wide of the wall panel is 950 mm 1150 mm, the length is up to the height of the  building. The wide of the roof panel is 1040 mm, the length is up to the width of the building. There are different characteristic of different insulation. EPS(polystyrene) is light weight and economical, PU(polyurethane) is very good performance in heat insulation, Rock wool is very good performance in fire proof and noise resist. The steel sandwich panel is normally use in the site camp, to be the wall and roof for the dormitory, office, restaurant and bathroom.magnesium Panel MGO(magnesium oxide)panel is made by hands and machines. Firstly, need the labor use the glue to stick the MGO board, then use the machine to press it, then use the sandwich panel producing line to cover the color steel on the surface. This kind prefabricated house walls is very hard and flat, and also fireproof, the surface of the panel is very clear. So MGO(magnesium oxide)panel usually use as the partition wall of the hospital, pharmaceutical factory and other place with high dust free requirement. The normal width of the panel is 950 mm and 1150 mm
foam cementThe structure of the cement sandwich panel is cement board-foam cement-cement board. The structure make the cement panel is solid enough but light weight. There are air cell inside the foam cement, also make the cement sandwich panel with better performance then the traditional cement wall. The surface of the cement prefabricated house walls can make any kind decoration as the traditional concrete house, such as putty, tile fixing and so on. Except the wall panel, we need some accessories to connect the wall panel and the steel frame, connect the panel with the panel. Below are some aluminum accessories we use usually for the prefabricated house walls.prefabricated house walls accessories prefabricated house walls accessories (1) prefabricated house walls accessories (2)Below is the ways of roof sandwich panel installationsandwich panel installation (1)Below is the ways of wall sandwich prefabricated house walls installation sandwich panel installationHope you can have any idea about the prefabricated house walls!

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