Prefabricated mobile home for holiday

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Prefabricated mobile home for holiday introduction:

A more affordable and flexible house for holiday has been designed recently.The nine-square-metre mobile home comes from an idea  to stay away from the crowds and the concrete of the five-star beach resorts, and spend time somewhere calmer and closer to nature. This tiny house can be towed on a trailer so owners can avoid the crowds along the country’s built-up coast.

Prefabricated mobile home for holiday idea:

It is a little impossible for a young family to buy a plot and building on it because of the limited budget. So in order own a house, it seems that making retreat on wheels would be more advisable.



Prefabricated mobile home for holiday design:

The hut has an internal ceiling height of 2.4 metres, similar to the height of a standard room, and contains a sofa bed, a kitchen and a toilet at one end, which is separated by a plywood door added after the photographs were taken. Full-height glazing was also added on one side to make the space feel bigger.

The standard height of 2.4 metres as well as the substantial glazing make this tiny project feel more like a spacious house. Because the light coming from the full-height windows allows the amazing sea views to become a dominant part of the interior.

Outside, a timber plank can be attached to the edge of the hut to create a bench, and a canvas tarpaulin can be rolled out from behind a panel at the side to create a canopy for outdoor dining.



Prefabricated mobile home for holiday materials:

The incredible tiny holiday house is built with Bulgarian kiln-dried pine, which was treated with oil rather than lacquer to retain the look, feel and scent of bare timber. Unlike lacquer, which mainly aims to entirely seal the surface of the wood, the oil infiltrates the timber fibres, making them stronger and more resistant.




This is a good response to the invading consumerism that encourages us to always want our homes bigger, better and unnecessarily luxurious. It is also a step back to a simpler life without excesses but full of free time, happy moments and friends, which we often have to sacrifice in our never-ending drive for more.

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