Prefabricated tube-shape canteen

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Prefabricated tube-shape canteen

Tube-shape canteen introduction:

Recently, a tube-shape canteen has been built in a primary school in Spain, which needs a a new kitchen, dining hall, storage space and toilets before the start of the new school year. Don’t you think it is one of the most incredible buildings you have ever seen? What a miraculous design! Let’s know more about this building.

Budget and deadline:

Before designing and constructing such a beautiful building, the reduced budget and rapid execution of just 90 days should be taken into serious consideration. In order to complete the task seems to be impossible, the designer thought about the prefabricated modular which could be installed in a very short time.

Prefabricated tube-shape canteen

Prefabricated tube-shape canteen


Prefabricated modular production and installation:

The designer designed the 226-square-metre building as four modules, which were prefabricated in a workshop and transported to the school on the back of a truck. Then they were craned into position and joined together. The prefabrication took 45 days, and the on-site construction took another 45 days.

Design with consideration:

The prefabricated tube-shape canteen is clad in silver-coloured sheet metal with a ridged surface, and features curved edges to give it a softer appearance. The ridged surface and curved edges also allow water to run off the side of the building naturally, without the need for gutters, in order to reduce the need for maintenance.

The designer says from a construction point of view, sheet metal is an inexpensive, low-maintenance material, offering quick assembly;  from a design point of view, it can be used on the walls and roof to create a continuous outer skin, which emphasises the building’s sculptural quality.



Color choosing:

Both ends of the building are finished in a contrasting yellow colour, which is continued inside across all the surfaces. Choosing a single colour to create a unitary enclosure, so that the building offers a protective environment for the children. Moreover, it will temporarily isolates them from the outside, and especially from homework.

Yellow was used because it is a warm colour that contrasts well with the grey of the concrete, the steel cladding, and the green prairie landscape of the Asturias region.



Prefabricated tube-shape canteen advantages:

Such a beautiful building could be adapted for different uses in the future, or even transported to a different site.

Considering the limitations of the available land, the building is designed so it could be extended or adapted for other functions, and mechanisms are planned so that the structural modules can be dismantled and transported.




Prefabricated homes are evolved from the most mature international housing product. Because of the possibility of stores house, prefabricated houses are much more suitable for the projects with shortage of land resource.

As the most economic product, prefabricated houses were widely used in construction, highway, railway, hydro power, etc.

To know more about prefabricated modular house:

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