Sandwich panel introduction:

Sandwich panel is widely used in the construction industry, such as the prefabricated houses in construction site,labor camp, site office, ware house etc.

Basically made of a “core” insulation material, sandwiched in between Galvanized/Pre-painted steel sheets by advanced process of manufacturing.

Sandwich panel is water-proof and sound-proof, in general, sandwich panel is gaining momentum because of its quick, easy, and economical as well as strong replacement for conventional methods of construction material. Because of different kinds of insulation, sandwich panels are classified as EPS (Polystyrene) sandwich panels, Rock Wool sandwich panels, Polyurethane(PU) sandwich panels,  Glass Wool sandwich panels, Magnesium sandwich panels.


EPS (polystyrene) sandwich panels


Rock wool sandwich panels


Polyurethane (PU) sandwich panels


Magnesium sandwich panels

magnesium Panel



  • Light weight and high load bearing capacity.
  • Easy to install and short work cycle.
  • High-stiffness and intensity.
  • High-resistance to impacts.
  • Heat insulation, sound proof and moisture proof.
  • Wide range of designs & Insulation materials.
  • Flexible production ranges: the lengths can be manufactured as per the project requirements considering the transportation constraints.

Reference photos:

sandwich panel india (1)

sandwich panel iran


Production line:




Prefabricated house, industrial sheds, ware houses, commercial complexes, indoor/outdoor stadiums, cold storage, buildings & indoor partitions etc.




tiny portable houses (4)


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