Scenic retreat

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Scenic retreat introduction:

This is a living space, as a vocation home, created by the designer with vaulted ceilings, and bedrooms with one big skylight overhead. Unlike the raw concrete summer house, this two-storey home makes use of lightweight materials, including steel cladding panels, birch plywood and the engineered wooden material known as oriented strand board.

The light conditions, the sea view and the flat and smooth bedrock were some of the qualities that constituted the starting point for the house.

Scenic retreat design:

A relatively low budget also influenced the design, resulting in the idea to use tectonic rationality to support a specific spatial structure. The 180-square-metre building has a traditional gabled profile that creates steeply angled ceilings on the upper level, where two bedrooms sit either side of a staircase that spans the width of the building.




The entire ground floor is taken up by living areas. These are arranged around a boxy volume that houses the staircase entrance, a bathroom and a small kitchen area. Within the square plan, a free standing box holding kitchen, bathroom and the stair, organises the ground floor into a sequence of interconnected spaces,” said the architect, whose firm’s past projects also include a tree house inside a mirrored cube.





Vaulted plywood ceilings were designed to “add direction to the interior”, while a series of floor-to-ceiling windows open the room out to the surrounding forest landscape.



Wooden floors feature on both storeys, although the master bedroom and children’s room upstairs both also have oriented-strand-board walls and ceilings.

The skylight overhead runs along the ridge of the roof, which the designer claims “underscores the verticality of space and subtly enhances the experience of seclusion”.



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