Operation Procedure
what kind of service can we offer? CBM prefabricated house has several different teams to handle the whole procedure from design to supervision on site.

A. Technical / R&D team Our Professional designers have rich experience in the prefab house construction field for years and they are all skillful in using AUTOCAD,XSTEEL,PKPM–Calculating,STRAT and 3D3S structure analyze softwares.Technology-01Firstly, you could kindly let us konw the usage of the house you inquire and some other specific requirements. Then go to measure the size of your land. Then our designers can give you a customized solution according to the following situations, your local wind speed, snow load, roof loading, floor loading, and local climate.

B. Project Management Team

After confirming the design and the order, we can start to produce the prefabricated houses.

We have the Project Management Team to control the schedule, below are what they do,

1. Weekly Meeting on how to ensure all our prefab house, container house and steel structure project could be delivered on time.

2. PROJECT software to control all our prefab house, container house and steel structure project production schedule.

3. Tracking and inspection team will fulfill their duty as per the meeting minutes on quality& delivery made by PM.

4. Fabtrol system to manage the whole production process.
CBM company integrates Fabtrol Management software to monitor and manage the prefab house and steel products, to ensure real-time detection, to guarantee products process smoothly from design to delivery.


C. QC team

We have our own professional team engaged in the QC part, when our customers place us the order, they will worki as the customer inspection team to guarantee all the house material and production in the right way.



Quality control standards we are according to ISO, AISC,
Test standard including:
-material standard: GB700,GB3274.GB/T1591ASTM
-bolt connection: GB/T1228,GB3098,ASTM A325, ASTMA490
-welding standard: AWSD1.1, AWSD1.6, ISO5817,
-test method: UT.MT.RT.PT


D. Logistics Management

Except the flat pack container house, other type of prefab house uses the knock down system packing way, to save the sea freight for the customers.

We have the professional warehouse management system, clearly labeled each area in the warehouse.To easily identify the materials and installation for the builders, we clearly indicate the specification, component code, size and quantity of the materials for all our prefab house orders.


E . Test erection

CBM company’ test erection on the steel structure and prefab house to make sure the production is perfect.



F. Supervision On Site

CBM could send the engineer to the buyer’s project site for guidance and supervision on the prefab house project on the buyer’s request.


If you don’t need the supervision service, we can offer some installation pictures and video for instruction. For the house installation, we stick the label on all the components in each house, the label will be same as our detail material list and installation drawing to help our customers easily build the house.