Shipping Container Houses Appear In Shanghai Value Of Million RMB

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Shipping Container Houses include swimming pool

In 22th March, 2015, a group of luxury shipping container houses appear in Xiongjiang district, Shanghai. The shipping container houses catch all eyes once they appeared just because of its luxury decoration and facility. This container houses are made of several steel shipping containers, with two levels, including the office, cell room, swimming pool, restaurant, bar, porch and so on. And all decoration are as beautiful as  five star hotel, total value are more than one million RMB.

Yes, more than one million RMB. You should believe it. When we think of the container houses, the first impression would be they are prefabricated houses and just offering some people an affordable housing. However, now the shipping container houses serve as a new style of durable, long-lasting and high-end luxury life.

Shall we worry about the safety of this kind of container houses? Do not have to. The container houses all have a lifetime guarantee. Because the solid shipping containers are made of the sturdy steel structure. The container houses are highly resilient to extreme weather such as floods, earthquakes and cyclones.

Also, it is a good match for the containers and the modern buildings. Our life will be more and more wonderful with the fast development of our society and technology.  I believe this luxury shipping container houses will provide us with more funny things than other traditional concrete hotels.


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