Space prefab house

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Prefab house offers a travel of galaxy!

















Ways to realize your space-traveling dream
For those who dream space travel since childhood, you could either spend lots of money on a ticket for Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship Two if you are a millionaire, or study and work harder and harder to become an astronaut. If you think both ways are quite difficult for you, we have the third option, the prefab home looks like it’s been zipping around the galaxy.

















Prefab house introduction:

Have you been shocked by this fantastic prefabricated building?  The three modules that make up the house are made of Pyrenean pinewood, wrapped in wool insulation, and covered in polished metal. The airtight modules and heat-recovery ventilation system help cut the building’s energy use by 75 percent, compared a similarly sized house.

Quick installation:

The entire project took 14 weeks to complete with the majority of the time, eight weeks, spent designing the 1,033-square-foot house. It took five weeks to manufacture and 10 days to assemble.

Intelligent experience:

The modules divide the house into a bedroom; living room; and kitchen, bathroom, and control panel. Have your ever imagined you could use a single program to alter water and air temperature, turn on the lights or security system, and open or close the blinds? This prefab house could offer you such an experience! And even the door automatically opens when the owner arrives home.

In order to add the spaceship feeling, the designers and the architects  added a real airplane staircase and included sci-fi details, like Star Wars font and blinking purple lights. The cabinets open up sort of like a DeLorean door.


















space prefab house
















I am sure all of you will love this kind of prefab house! WIth the rapid development of our science and manufacture technology, prefab house will be more and more popular in our society, meanwhile it will provide us with better living condition and experience. So why not to choose prefab house as our living home? Start from now, we will get more benefits and even have a feeling about living in the future.


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