Steel Structure Fabrication Is Quick And Easy

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Steel structure fabrication process is magic, you even can not believe, thousands of square meter steel building can finish one week!

Steel frame project mainly use the steel materials to make it, composite by the component of steel beam, steel column, steel truss, which is made by profile steel and steel panel. Each component connect by weld, screw or bolt. It is one of the main building structure way.

Below are the handle process of the steel structure fabrication:

1, foundation excavation

foundation excavation
2, The foundation pad mold

The foundation pad mold
3, Prepare the subcrust concrete

Prepare the subcrust concrete
4, Prepare the foundation

Prepare the foundation
5, Backfilling the foundation

Backfilling the foundation
6, Punning the soil under the wall

Punning the soil under the wall
7, Build the wall

Build the wall
8, Make the ground flat

Make the ground flat
9, The ground compaction

The ground compaction
10,The edge compaction

The edge compaction
11,Delivery the steel frame to the field

steel structure fabrication
12,Steel column hoisting

Steel column hoisting
13,Install the steel frame

Install the steel frame
14, Install the purlin

Install the purlin
15, Install the roof panel

Install the roof panel
16, Fix the PVC film

Fix the PVC film
17, Roof dege

Roof dege
18, Ridge,waterproof dispose in the ridge

Waterproof dispose in the ridge
19, Install the wall panel

Install the wall panel
20, Make the interior ground flat

Make the interior ground flat
21, Bracing

22 Knee bracing

Knee bracing
23 Purlin


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