Sunset Magazine Prefabricated House

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Sunset Magazine Prefabricated House Style your dream house!

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Sunset magazine prefabricated house is very beautiful appearance design, pre manufactured in the factory, then bring to the scenic spot, then erect in very short time, is very high economic benefit. This kind of prefabricated house is very suitable to use as the hotel and restaurant and other commercial building. Sunset magazine prefabricated house style is simple, and normally with the big glass window and big porch. And normally have the wooden finish design. If you want this house to be your family house? Your shop? Your rest restaurant? Even you want to run a hotel like this ! It is not a dream now! You just need to tell us your idea, and the situation of your land, then we can design and produce for you. Only 1 month ! You will have your dream house, the sunset magazine prefabricated house!

If you want to build the house near the sea, don’t worry, we can do it! Before erect the house, you need to prepare the concrete flat as the floor of the house. Then we will put the steel frame with the galvanize finish insert to the cement composite wall panel. And we will use the cement composite sandwich panel as the wall panel. It is better not to expose the steel near the sea, because the seawater is very high salinity, the steel will be corroded heavily.

If you want to build the house at the foot of the hill, don’t worry, we can do it! Need to use the steel structure to prepare  a flat foundation to hold the house. And we can consider to use the steel sandwich panel with the polystyrene insulation to be the wall and roof of the house. Because the hill is very moist, and polystyrene is heat resist and moist proof.


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