Product: Light steel villa


Model No.: VH-007


House size: 7m×8.5m×2.6m


Area: 56.3m2


VH-007 Introduction:

  1. Reasonable price
  2. Prefabricated in the factory, easy & rapid to install
  3. Cyclone proof and anti-seismic thermal-insulation, sound-insulation, fire-proof
  4. AISC,CE, ISO certificate

VH-007 Floor Plan:



VH-007 Material Details:

VH-007 material



  1. Customized designs and dimensions; difference prefabricated villa solutions for difference income-level people;
  2. All components are prefabricated in CBM workshop and delivered by containers with high quality; thus can ensure the efficient shipping and easy installation;
  3. CBM can do the test erection in the workshop before shipment, to guarantee all the components and specification are 100% accurate and perfect;
  4. CBM can provide electrical & pipe lines, kitchen wares, sanitary fittings if required;
  5. Life span can be up to more than 25 years and without building garbage;
  6. CBM can provide professional supervision and training on-site as per project scope and requirements.


More photos about VH-007:


CBM-VH007-01 CBM-VH007-02 CBM-VH007-03 CBM-VH007-05 CBM-VH007-07 CBM-VH007-09 CBM-VH007-10 CBM-VH007-in-01 CBM-VH007-in-02 CBM-VH007-in-03 CBM-VH007-in-04 CBM-VH007-in-05 CBM-VH007-in-06