Why to choose prefabricated homes

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Do you know prefabricated homes?

Don’t let this term scare you away! Prefabricated house not only provides buyers with a custom, energy-efficient building solution, it is also more typically than traditional stick-built homes. The total cost of prefabricated house is highly variable based on size, amenities, and location. The average cost you should pay for per square foot is between $180 and $220-– an amount that often includes the home’s interior fixtures and amenities.



















Why to choose prefabricated homes?

  • Prefabricated Houses are structures ready for construction and first degree earthquake resistant.
  • Prefabricated houses are flexible and light buildings. They only shake and do not get torn down even in strong earthquakes.
  • Mounting period of prefabricated houses are much shorter than concrete buildings. Besides these dwellings can be demounted and mounted time and again.
  • The ready for construction houses we mentioned can be produced with heating and static calculations proper to all kinds of climate conditions.
  • The houses do not corrode, deform and can be used securely for many years, because the whole load-bearing system is made from high density galvanized steel.

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If you are still wondering whether prefabricated homes are right for you? 

The following information about prefabs will give more ideas.

1. Prefabricated homes are not a new idea.

Prefabs have been getting popular in this decades, but the truth is that prefab homes have been around in various forms since at least 1908. So why not choose this concept for your living area.

2. Prefab homes can be custom made.

If you are thinking about whether you do have to stick with a limited range of product choice? Don’t worry!  Homes are designed to meet the client’s requirements, and to take advantage of the existing site conditions, like views, trees and so on.

3. Choosing a prefab home can relieve decision-making pressure.

4. Prefabs are quicker to build than stick-built homes.

The structural components are standard and prefabricated in factory with the advantage of assembling and disassembling easily, shaving a good deal of time off the schedule.

5. Building a prefab home is more environmentally friendly than a stick building.

Because they are made in a factory, there is far less disruption to the site and surrounding area during construction. Prefabricated homes factories create far less waste than the typical construction site and are often able to reuse extra materials in future projects.


So once you have made your decision to buy a prefabricated home, some more things should be considered.

1. Choosing a building site.

When buying a prefabricated home, you need to have a building site chosen in advance.Because you should make sure you can legally place a prefab home on the site and ensure your building site is flat enough.

2. Browse for a prefab manufacturer.

Because different prefab manufacture produces different style of house. So it is of great importance to consider all the factors related to your situation before choosing a manufacture.

3. Manage to understand the all the expanse.

Make sure you understand exactly what is included in the manufacturer’s price. Sometimes the price will include the entire home, but will not include transportation and site work costs. Other pricing list may exclude all finishes, furnishings, or even electrical and mechanical equipment.

4. Determine whether you can customize the structures and appearance of your prefab.

The flexibility in designing your home varies widely from different manufacturer. Note that all these customization options will entail an added cost.


Hope you can make your decision on the prefabs after reading the above info.




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